Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about publishing your article with us.

Q: How do I submit my work for publishing on

A: Just copy the text of your article and paste it into an e-mail addressed to our submission department at Don’t forget to attach any photo(s) that are to be included with your article.

Q: How soon will my article appear on the website?

A: Your article will appear within 48 hours if it is approved to be included in our website.

Q: What type of content/writing do you accept?

A: Here at KnowledgeBunker we don’t limit ourselves. If you have a piece of writing, we want to see it! How-to’s, blogs, stories, informative articles and more are all welcome.

Q: Can I include hyperlinks to outside website in my article that I submit?

A: Yes! Put in links to your own hompage or other outside sites! Just keep them reasonable. No offensive sites and please refraim from including an excessive number of links thoroughout the article please.

Q: I have my article written in a MS Word, HTML, Adobe, or another format. Can I still submit it?

A: Yes, we accept submission in just about any format. Although highly unlikely, if there is a problem with the format you send we will contact you.

Q: What types of right do I retain when I submit my work to you?

A: When you submit your site to our submissions department you are giving us permission to reproduce the work as we see fit on only. We will not reproduce your work in any other medium or on any other site. You will be cited as the author of the article.

Q: Will my article still look the same as it does now when it is published on your site?

A: More than likely your article will retain the same format as original. However, on occasion we need to change the text, graphics, or other aspects to fit with the format of our site. We make every effort possible to retain the original formating of your article.

Q: How will readers find my article?

A: Although does get a good number of readers who go straight to our archives page and read our articles there, most internet traffic goes directly to the articles themselves through popular search engines.