How to Discipline your Children Effectively

sweet childDisciplining a child is probably the hardest thing parents have to do in their life. Raising children is a full-time job, and one that should be taken care of properly. The secret to disciplining children effectively is consistency. If children see that their parents mean what they say, then they will listen and obey the orders of the household. No child is perfect and they will break things, write on walls and behave inappropriately in the home and outside the home. That is why it is important for parents to have disciplinary rules for the children.

Disciplining starts at a young age. Babies do not understand right and wrong, which makes it especially hard to communicate with them. Their word choices are limited to mama, baba and other two letter words that nobody understands. When they become toddlers, start walking and begin to let their curiosity get the best of them, this is when parents can begin communication and discipline. For example, if a toddler writes on the wall, disciplinary action is required. It’s not recommended to spank the child, but approach the child in a nice way. Knee down to their level, take the marker, pencil or crayon away and let them know that what they did was wrong by saying, “No.” Screaming will only scare them and hitting them is only hurting them.

As toddlers get older, begin to make small sentences and run around the house, they are prone to misbehaving. This is normal, as all kids misbehave while exploring the home and the new places they visit. Timeout is a useful and effective disciplinary method used on children. The child should sit in timeout for however old they are. After the timeout is over and the child has calmed down, the parent should approach the child. It is important to look the child in the eyes and let them know what it is they have done wrong. If they are able to repeat and promise to be good, then the child understands that what they did was wrong.

Setting the ground rules of the home is very important so that children will know what is expected of them and what is considered misbehaving. They need to understand that their mother or father is the rule-maker of the household and that rules need to be followed by all. Let them know that bad behavior will be punished through a timeout or through consequences. The way people speak with their children is very important as well. A calm and clear tone needs to be executed so that the child will listen and respond in the same way.

It is also important to reward children. Kids learn through their parent’s actions. If they see mother and father cleaning up or brushing their teeth, they will be excited and do the same. Rewarding children makes them feel special and happy. Every parent wants to see their children happy. A simple “Thank you” or “Good job” will boost a child’s self-confidence.

Don’t forget that when your child behaves accordingly, you should reward him/her. Give your child praise or even go to the park for a celebratory play time if they have behaved well all day. If they have been especially good during the weeks or months leading up to their birthday, break out some great birthday party ideas and make their day extra special! Any positive reinforcement is better than none when it comes to effective discipline.

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  1. I agree with you that children do exhibit behaviors that need to be modified or sometimes eliminated altogether in order for them to live a safe and healthy life. However; the way to accomplish that is through positive guidance not discipline. A child’s mind is still developing and their ability to comprehend and process certain things is limited until they grow and become more cognitively equal to us adults. We should be reinforcing their growth process through gentle consistent guidance that helps them learn what behaviors are expected and acceptable. Positive reinforcement should play a major role in guidance but not by bribing the child with treats. We need to teach them about intrinsic value and give them the power to do the right thing because it makes them feel good about themselves.

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